Sunday, February 24, 2008

It's time

Lately, I've been feeling very antsy about the wine that I'm storing away. Both at home, and the ones at my friend's place. What if they all go bad? What if they're over the hill already? I'd have wasted my money for nothing. That's why I feel like just taking out some of the older ones to have a taste. After all, what's the point of buying wine if you're not going to experience it?

First on my list - I have a couple of older bottles of St-Joseph lying around. And a few bottles of 2003 Bordeaux. After all the talk about how the 2003 Bordeaux vintage is so hot and fruit-forward, then I want to try it now, in all its fruit-bomb glory. Better than to risk opening it 10 years down the road and discovering that it's collapsed due to a complete lack of backbone and structure.

So I guess that's the point I'm making. Wine is supposed to be enjoyed with friends and family. Be generous and don't be afraid to pull a few bottles out when you feel like it's time. Forget all the maturity predictions you read about. That's all they are - predictions. Wine is perfectly mature when YOU want to drink it. After all, wine is at its best when it's drunk in the moment.

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