Sunday, February 24, 2008

My worst nightmare

My goodness. Since I've come back from that Niagara trip, just having been feeling very well. It wasn't the cause of it, but I now have a really bad cold. Stuffed up, coughing, low energy - all the symptoms. The worst case scenario, because I'm really looking forward to trying some big, hearty wines. Guess that'll have to wait because I can't smell or taste a thing. Heading back to Waterloo after an early dinner tonight. Back to all the madness.

Since I won't be having any wine for the next few days, I guess we'll discuss some other things. Like that Michel Chapoutier interview I listened to. Or the 2003 Bordeaux that I bought. I also want to talk about my palate, because I'm noticing a fascinating evolution and development. Anyways, I'll post later tonight. You know what'll really clear my sinuses? A big glass of gin tonic. A BIG one.

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