Monday, February 18, 2008

A natural disposition

Quickly, before my friends arrive for dinner.

Why do I always end up swearing here? I don't do it on purpose, to be edgy or anything. I don't think I swear a lot in real life.

It occured to me last night how quickly I get fired up whenever I start talking about wine. I suppose it's like that for anything you're truly passionate about. That word gets thrown around a lot, and it's lost a lot of its meaning. Anyways, I was talking to Mr. Zhang about wine and I was waving and gesticulating so much that I almost smacked the person sitting next to me in the face. I get lost when I start talking about this stuff. Really, I'm in my own world.

I've discovered that anything can get me going. Somehow everything to me relates to wine. Weather. Soil. Economics. Financial markets. France. English. Tropicana. Anything can get me going. Normally I'm pretty laid back, low key, but wine just makes me this intense beast, pouncing on anyone or anything that doesn't agree with my views. Yes, I don't compromise, and I truly believe that I'm always right.

So, back to my question. I think I swear because I feel so strongly about certain things. Like grape growing. And wine-making. And marketing. I don't think I'm quick to judge wines, but when I've made up my mind, it either is mind-blowingly great, or the worst shit ever created. There is no middle ground. Well, actually there is, but where's the fun in that?

Having said that, please don't take offense, I only curse because I'm filled with love and tenderness, as my roommates can testify to.


  1. seriously david, i'm really starting to wonder if you should make a career out of it or at least something related... to do something you love = a lot of willingness to work hard at it= being successful... something to ponder about :)

    p.s. c=christie
    geez i didn't think i was THAT mysterious.. AHAHAHAH

  2. i agree, it's good to have your own opinions and beliefs and stand by them. that's what makes your style

    i think i swear more regardless of topic though..haha

  3. That's true, what both of you said. I'm still developing a "style", and I havn't really looked at taking this a step further and making it a possible career choice. But who knows right? Sorry Christie, I really had no idea, but I know better now!