Monday, March 17, 2008

Honest Loire

I moved all the wine in our cupboard at Waterloo back home this weekend. Needed to remove all the temptation before finals begin.

Saturday night, I wanted to finish my last bottle, a Val de Loire red wine, from Chinon. It's made from of course, 100% cabernet franc. I've been very VERY disappointed with the Loire red wines I've had. All had this unripe, and quite frankly, disgusting quality to them. I don't know if the winemakers give a shit up there or not, but these wines are an embarrassment to the entire region.

But, at last, this bottle, a 2003 Couly-Dutheil La Baronnie Madeleine, AC Chinon, was a very pleasant surprise. But I don't want to talk about just this bottle. What struck me the most was that it noticeable showed a strong connection to every single bottle of Loire reds that I've ever drank. They've all featured this vegetal quality, highlighted by bright red fruits and a tart acidity. What a sense of place! This last bottle was well above the quality of the other ones, but no doubt, I knew exactly what I was drinking.

It's these kinds of wines that really make you think. Wines that really represent the soil and land that they come from. I learned a great deal from this wine. Now, if only LCBO would smarten up, and begin importing more quality Loire reds. And whoever made the decision to bring in those bottles of Eric Louis, AC Sancerre, should be shot and skewered on a pole. Palate of a fucking pig.

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