Sunday, March 9, 2008

It is...perfect

I've been tardy about posting recently. The past week has been very hard on me, no need to go into details. I want to talk about this bottle. A 2005 Ch. La Gasparde, AC Cotes de Castillon. It was released 2 weeks ago. The fact that it was a 2005 and from this region caught my attention. If you've been reading about wine, you know that the 2005 vintage has been described in short, as nothing short of legendary. I'm also very attracted to this region, as it produces wines that are quite amazing.

The moment I opened this bottle, I was blown away by how concentrated it was. I mean, a pitch black wine. And the nose! My goodness, such fruit, such freshness! It continues on the palate, showing a very stiff tannic structure, while remaining very balanced. The extract of the fruit, and the hints of complexity are intriguing. This shows very well the potential of the vintage, one of incredible, almost perfect ripeness. There are wines that are 3 to 4 times as expensive, that don't show half as well as this bottle.

So there you go. Never associate price with quality. This bottle left a deep impression, and I hurried out to buy 3 more bottles before it ran out. Fortunately, the majority (90%) of the wine-drinking population have never heard of this region, and quite frankly, I hope they never do. Leaves more wine for the true wine lovers and less for the phonies.

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