Monday, March 3, 2008

Talking to a brick wall

You ever talk to someone, and you're all excited about what you're saying, and the other person goes on to say something that just kills it? Just totally makes you want to stand up and leave the room? I have that with my father, as I'm realizing more and more.

This weekend, I was eager to go back home. I was sick, with a bad cold, and I wanted a few days to relax and get some home cooking. I was also looking forward to opening a bottle of 2002 Ch. Cesseras, AC Minervois la Liviniere. It's an estate that I've been following for some time. The wine is predominantly merlot, with this combination of grace and power that I've really fallen in love with. It's one of the first producers that I've followed seriously.

Anyways, at the dinner table, we were talking about how wine develops structure, and we were comparing impressions of the wine. I was talking to my father about how the acidity and balance of the wine really stood out, when he remarked that, "What do you think this wine is doing for that cough of yours?" It doesn't seem like much, but it's fast becoming his trademark. To ruin whatever good family moment we're having. To be this self-righteous, preachy, unbelievably negative presence. You know, at this point, I expected for some kind of mutual respect, but if he keeps treating me like a 5 year old, then he can forget about us having any kind of meaningful conversation. If he can't respect my love for my hobby, if he can't stop behaving like an incessant nag, then that's it, I'm not making any more effort. Some people just don't get it. And it's a shame, but then at least my mother understands me. There's a line between parenting and being an annoyance. I'm really, really fed up with it, and I'm done. I've tried hard enough, the man is too thick, and I'm exhausted.

So that's it, c'est fini - I'm still coughing, but nothing will ever stop me from indulging in my wine. Nothing.

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