Sunday, March 16, 2008

Wine Glass

It seems that if you want to pick up any kind of hobby, you also need a set of equipment to go along with it. Car tuners needs Civics, photographers need D-SLR's...same for wine. Although there's infinite variations in style and quality, and correspondingly, price, the essentials remain unchanged. What is the most important tool to a wine drinker? The wine glass of course. Also, as it seems lately, lots and lots of cash.

People argue that you should buy different styles of wine glasses for each type of wine. Well, the people at Riedel do. And I think that is a rather large load of bullshit, more suited for douches who'd rather showcase their hobby, rather than enjoy it.

All you need is a wine glass made of crystal, with a thin lip, so as to better deliver the wine into your mouth. You need one with a nice stem, to grip on and so you don't affect the temperature of the wine. And of course, you need one with a sizeable bowl, to properly aerate the wine. Why does it need to be crystal? Because the material distorts the appearance of the wine to a minimal degree. You want to be able to see the colour. The most offensive glasses are the coloured and the cut ones. You might as well drink your wine out of a coffee mug.

The most important thing about a wine glass? The bowl. You need a bowl that's sizeable, that's tulip-shaped, and something that curves in towards the lip. The bottom allows the wine to aerate properly, while the lip focusses all the aromas toward the nose. Why is it so important to be so particular? Because why would you pay $25 for a bottle, only to drink it out of any glass? You won't get the full experience, of all the aromas and components of the wine. I guarantee you, with the proper glass, you're enjoyment will increase 100%. It really does make a difference, try it if you don't believe me.

My favourite wine glasses are from Caban. Unfortunately, for some reason, they've disappeared from Toronto. Another favourite is Spigelau, but it is pricier. The ultimate I'd like to buy, someday, is a set of Riedel Sommelier glasses. But I'm fine with what I'm using.


  1. thanks for the advice, i will start looking for a set when i go shopping next time.

  2. You're welcome Bebe. Me and your father should taste together!