Tuesday, April 8, 2008


My roommate was right - this is really bittersweet for me. I attended my last day of lectures today, as an undergrad at the University of Waterloo.

I cannot believe that I've spent 4 years here. How can it be? I mean, I still remember my first day in junior high.

This wasn't just about the profs, and the courses, and the books. My four years here has overwhelmingly been more about the experience. Being with friends, growing up a little bit, becoming independant.

Today was a long day, about 7 hours on campus. My last lecture was for ARTS 301. I'm pleased it worked out that way. Anyways, enough, have to begin studying. Definitely, I'll come back to this, after exams are over and it really hits me that school is over.


  1. aww.. i cant believe u guys are leaving. who am i going to harass! but new lifestage.. should be interesting i am sure :)


  2. Yeah, I'm terrified about it!

  3. i actually skipped my last lecture for this term..lol

  4. It's ok. You've still got a few more years to go.