Saturday, April 5, 2008

Emptying the cupboard

Both my roommates went back to Toronto this weekend, so I was alone. Finished my last bottle of wine in Waterloo, as an undergrad. Unfortunately, it was a terrible bottle, a very pretentious Chianti Classico that clearly was nowhere close to what an Italian wine should be.

I decided to clear out my wine cupboard last night. Took out all the empty bottles, packed up the ones that I`m taking back to Toronto. For this term, I had 24 wine bottles, 2 bottles of gin, and a couple other things that my roommates bought. When I went to refund them today at the Beer Store, the cashier short changed me as well. I've completely lost faith in the people of Waterloo. Why you can't you count up to 24?

So, getting ready for the final stretch. No more wine until final exams are over, I promise.


  1. one of the beer bottles in the picture belongs to me...
    i will finish the other two bottles in the fridge before i move out! i notice they have been sitting there since oct.

  2. I know! There's one in the fridge and one in the cupboard. Bebe, I want to see you chug it!!