Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Middle of exams

I just completed my second final exam today, for my monetary economics class. It was nerve-wracking. Not sure if I wrote enough for each question. It was a huge exam too - 23 pages. Really, really nervous about it. I havn't had any wine since April 5. Seriously. I really could use a glass now, starting to get antsy.

Just discovered that LCBO has a few bottles of the 2004 CH. La Lagune. It's an estate that I've been following for quite some time. I'm trying to build up a collection, I've had the '86, and it was magnificent. I have a few lots of the 2005 and 2006 locked up already, but I'm looking for a few earlier vintages.

Oh, and I received an interesting response to my paper I posted earlier. Appreciate the correction. I now know that LCBO is not the world's largest importer of liquor. Whoever googled that up and posted the right answer, thanks so much. I'd respect you so much more if you didn't name yourself 'Anonymous'. At least be more creative and make up a nickname if you have to, so I know its not some loser who's fact checking other's people's writing. If you're not even confident enough to do that on the internet, how confident can you be in real life? Just wondering, don't take it personally.

Anyways, 3 more exams to go. Key is...just to survive.

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