Wednesday, April 16, 2008

No sleep for the hard-working

It's now 6am. I've been up all night, studying for my Humanities exam later today at noon. Professor was nice enough to let me do the exam earlier, instead of on the 23rd. This is probably my last all-nighter I'll pull in a while. Feeling ok now, just a little bit hungry. I'm used to still being awake when the birds start chirping in the morning. It's gotten to the point where I can identify what kind of bird it is just by the sound of its chirp. I'm sure I'll start feeling wasted right after the exam.

The course is called Humanities, but why change the name? It used to be Western Civilizations. I really enjoyed this course. Really gives you a broad understanding of Western culture, and the forces that shaped it. Really interesting stuff. Unfortunately, there was no mention of wine.

Now, there HAS to be someone that agrees with me when I say that without wine, there is no civilization. There just can't be. You learn about politics, economics, science, and so much more just by studying wine. Without wine, we're nothing more than savages.

Anyways, still have some re-reading to do and then I'll go over the quizzes again. I havn't had a drop of wine since the 5th, and I think I can't take anymore. I'm heading to LCBO after my exam today, depending on how tired I feel. Maybe I'll get a half bottle.

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