Thursday, April 24, 2008

Some thanks.

The term is over, and what an amazing 4 months! Firstly, I need to thank my roommates, Bebe and Sis. You guys made living in Waterloo fun and were the best roommates I could have asked for. And you tolerated all my drinking.

My buddy Pris is leaving for Europe, and won't be back for a year. So best of luck Pris, and take care of yourself. Have lots of fun, and we'll try our best to organize a trip up to visit!

My sister is going to Europe as well, but not as long. Take in the culture, try to stay away from the shopping! Lol, and rehearse your story when you go through customs!!

Christie, have a lot of fun in Cuba. You need to get out of Canada and away from everything.

So, everyone is going somewhere. Even you Rocky. Everyone have fun and take care. We're not going to be together for a while, but I'm sure there'll be tons of great stories to tell once we're all back.


  1. We'll definitely meet up once everyone is bak n free. i'll miss u guys so so so much!

    dont worry david, i am trying realli hard to enjoy wine. it's an acquired taste i guess. hope i'll be able to enjoy ur wine by the time i come bak.

    best of luck to everyone! Have lots of fun in canada for me :>

  2. I'll miss you too my friend! Don't worry, we'll keep Rocky company!!

  3. haha ohmygoodness for sure!
    we need do somethin when we're all back :)
    i miss hanging out w/ you kids
    p.s. who's anonymous?

  4. For sure! When are you leaving? Lol, Anonymous is someone that has to do with Rocky!

  5. may 8th.. omg i'm so bored in TO.. everyone is working or away. post somethin bout yr trip so far! do lots of shopping? :P

  6. Yea, I7m starting to post. Havn't done a lot of shopping, just getting some small items. Pocket squares, lapel pins, tie clips. I got a great pair of checked cotton pants I need to show you!

  7. wow, fancy...checked cotton pants. Cant wait to c u in that. u'll look soo european. Way to go,David!

  8. the first anonymous was pris. LOL. we'll hang out when we're all back. i don't think i'll have time to hang out bfore i leave anymoree. thought i would be able to but nope not nemore. i'll try to stay away from the temptations LOL :P and hope ure having a blast in shanghai and tokyo! =)))) i promise not TOO much shopping. hahah. but im gonna get so much pattiseries and chocolate. but reliee im looking forward to the bread and pattiseries. LOL MMMM. haha :) have fun everyone! stay safe.