Friday, April 4, 2008

Vintages Orders

Things are looking up for 2008! I have a few lots of wines coming in, from both my 2005 Futures, from the March Classics Catalogue, as well as a Vintages special.

Two lots of my 2005 Bordeaux Futures have arrived at Bayview Village already. First thing I need to do when I return home is to pick them up. They are 3 bottles each of the 2005 CH. L'Arrosee and the 2005 CH. Rauzan Gassies.

From the March Classics Catalogue, I just received a phone call from LCBO that both the wines I ordered are in stock. I ordered one bottle each of the 1980 and 1981 Kopke Colheita Port. What's special is how rare colheitas are. They make up about 1% of the total production worldwide of port. Very, very special indeed.

And finally, I`m still waiting for my bottle of 1986 Glenfarclas Cask 3434. This is my bottle of vintage scotch, which I bought last October. For some reason, LCBO keeps delaying delivery, even though I'm told repeatedly that it`s arrived in their warehouses and just needs to be processed.

Hopefully, these will all arrive before April 25th, which I'll explain later. Looking forward to these wines, which I believe will form the foundation of my hopefully soon to be very large collection.

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