Sunday, April 20, 2008

What wine am I?

I feel so mentally drained. Didn't sleep last night, as I was studying for my Health Economics exam this morning. After all that - going into the exam, there wasn't a single topic that I was really confortable with. And that feeling sucks. Like, all you want to do in an exam is to survive - not to excel, not to ace it, but just to survive.

Thanks very much to my dear friend Christie, who dropped by this weekend to give me an early birthday gift. And what else, but a bottle of Gigondas? I loved the birthday card, and your rationale behind choosing this bottle.

Which got me to thinking: If I were a wine, what kind of wine would I be? What flavour profile would I have? What kind of structure? I have yet to come across the exact bottle, but I think I have a pretty clear idea.

Firstly, the wine would have to be ripe. Nice, fresh fruit. It must have a fragrant, complex bouquet, one that speaks directly about where it's from. A bouquet that you can get lost in, and one you don't mind sniffing all day. The wine must have solid acidity, to the point of austerity. It must be well-structured and solid. Something that isn't heavy, but delicate and steely, and a wine that would show infinitely better with a good meal. And above all - the wine must be honest. It must be honest about where it comes from, and speak truthfully about itself. No excessive human manipulation, it is what it is.

So...I'm an acidic, fragrant, well structured, honest wine. I'll let you know if I ever come across.......myself.


  1. I would be something light, most certainly a white wine (I know, the dark skin betrays that preference). Probably a refreshing fall or winter white with some crisp pear/apple flavour, something you'd eat with mild cheese!

    I love your blog, David :)

    Hailing from your high school past,

  2. Thanks Denise! I have sth in mind, a wine I think you'd like. Try Malivoire's chardonnay. Very little oak treatment, very clean and beautifully integrated acidity. Or a Flat Rock riesling. Incredibly honest, classic riesling.