Saturday, May 17, 2008

5.12 Sichuan Earthquake

I was in Shanghai at the time of the earthquake. I felt it - it happened at 2:28 pm, and Shanghai experienced it around 3. I was reading, at my uncle's 21st floor apartment, when I suddenly felt incredibly dizzy. The room felt like it was literally spinning in circles. I thought it was the really heavy lunch we just had, so I ignored it. It only lasted for maybe 5-10 minutes. Until we got a call that a massive earthquake had just occurred on the other side of the country.

The tv stations started reporting on the earthquake around the clock. The images were horrific, heart-breaking, and emotional. The death toll was catastrophic. And what made it worse was the news that entire schools had collapsed, burying hundreds and thousands of children inside.

So please, do what you can to help. Whether that's donating money, clothing, food...whatever you can. The government's response has been swift and is worth applauding - I know because I witnessed first hand. The Premier has been decisive, inspiring, strong - I was very impressed.

Please help.

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