Saturday, June 14, 2008


I'm now a graduate of the University of Waterloo.

It was a long, rough 4 years. I learned some things, became more independant. Most of my happiest memories of university were the times I spent with friends.

Our convocation ceremony was great. At first, I though it was just going to be like all the other graduations I've been through. But there's so many traditions and ceremonial aspects to it. It turned out to be quite special - I even got a bit emotional hearing our Dean read out the names. Kneeling before the Vice-Chancellor, all I could think goodness, I did it. All the late nights, all the stress, all the uncertainty. It was all worth it.

I guess I have to parents, all my roommates, my buddies. And myself. Thanks so much to my buddies who came to take pictures and celebrate with me. I can now honestly say I have a degree in Economics!

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