Saturday, June 7, 2008

Distillery District

Last week, my buddy took me down to Toronto's Distillery District. It was my first time - yes, I realize how little I know of my city. It was scorching hot, the sun was blazing, but the day was perfect.

By the time we got down, I was starving. Which was exactly what I wanted to do down there - eat and drink. We found a place called the Oyster House and Grill. It was nice, not very busy, and visiting Nice taught me the joys of eating outdoors.

I ordered a 2006 Thirty Bench Riesling. This was my first bottle of wine from this producer, and once again, I was amazed at the quality of some of the wineries from the Beamsville Bench appellation. No doubt what made the wine even better was the glasses that it was served in. The restaurant had wonderful short stem, big bowl Riedel glasses. The wine had a clean, tight nose, wonderful fruit, and most of all, that characteristic Beamsville Bench acidity. Such raciness, it completely cuts your palate in a straight line, absolutely none of that bloated nonsense. Delightful. Definitely will have to visit this winery the next time I'm up in the area.

For lunch, I had their garden salad and a pan-seared tilapia. Beautifully cooked, fresh, and absolutely delicious.

Back home, for dinner that day, I opened a bottle of 2005 Creekside Sauvignon Blanc. It was the bottle that I bought in Niagara in February. $13. Different, and obviously, this winery takes a different approach in their wines. A lot softer, but still contains some varietal characteristics. A bit too mellowed out, no doubt to sculpt the wine for a wider range of consumers.

So there you have it. The Distillery District was a lot of fun. Had some fantastic wine, and that beer we had later was great as well. They make this organic beer that is delicious. Nutty and crisp. I should drink more ales, really want to tune my palate towards that kind of flavour profile. The Boddington's Ale I remember having was eye-opening.

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