Thursday, June 19, 2008

Finals embarrassment

I've been watching the NBA Finals pretty closely, and after watching Game 6, I'm kind of disgusted at the Lakers. Not just with Bryant, but everyone on that team. It was just a disgusting show of bad body language, bad attitudes, and a slap in the face to their fans.

How do the Lakers make barely 40% field goals and only have 2 boards? How does Gasol only get 7 shot attempts? And how does Bryant disappear after an amazing first quarter? You know what this is? This is a pathetic lack of effort. It became very clear after Game 1 of the series, and I'm quite surprised that the Lakers won 2 games at all.

Originally, I had the Lakers win in 6. I was so wrong, especially thinking that Bryant was going to go off for 50 at least twice in the series. The man has demonstrated that on the biggest stage, in the biggest games, he is not a leader. How does someone with so much talent cruise through such an important game like that. There were several sequences when all 5 Lakers were spectators. Go after the damn ball!

I don't buy any of that shit about Bryant leading by example and being a much better leader this year. If he really wanted to inspire his team, attack the rim, pick up a few hard fouls if you have to - just do something. Don't glare and bitch at your teammates for screwing up, after you've overhandled the ball so much that there isn't much of a play to run anymore.

Gasol was equally as disappointing. I've never seen a bigger pansy. He's the kind of guy with great offensive talent, but no leadership and no sense of responsibility. It's his game - when he turns the ball over, he makes sure to point at a teammate, to make it clear that it wasn't his fault. He pointed at Odom for passing the ball into his thigh. He blamed Bryant for not lobbing the ball high enough. Shut up, get back on defense, and make up for it the next possession.

The league really is going to hell. You have marquee franchises full of whiny, overpaid, soft ballhogs, who show up to collect a paycheque. There really is no more concept of team, for a game that is more team-oriented than any other sport. Let's call it as it is. Bryant will never win a championship without a big brother to kick him in the ass and be a true leader to the team.

Oh, and I got this picture of the championship parade in Boston off of a page called Barstool Sports. Totally made my day.

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