Wednesday, June 25, 2008


This Monday, I packaged up all my wine and moved them to a friend's place for storage. I'm very grateful to this friend, for offering a safe haven for my babies. My cellar is all empty now, with the exception of 4 bottles of white wine, 4 bottles of red wine, and 2 bottles of Colheita Port.

The temperature and humidity levels in my house just were terrible. It was too hot already, and was prone to wild fluctuations. Something had to be done, or I would have had a cellar of very expensive balsamic vinegar.
I had a few boxes I saved from my Vintages purchases, but not enough. Went to LCBO to get a few more, and came back with 8 boxes, enough for 120 bottles. About right - it sounds like a lot of wine when I tell my friends I have around 100, but really, for wine drinkers, it's pint-sized.

I had to record everything in my inventory notebook, to make sure I knew exactly how many were going away. Then, into the box, where I wrote on the top side the names from left to right. Because if I were to pull a few bottles, I don't want to empty the entire case to find the right one - I need to exactly which slot it's in.

I put away all my 2005 Bordeaux. I still have a few lots that I havn't received yet, which I've been told will arrive in late summer. The ones I put away are:

2005 CH. Rauzan Gassies
2005 CH. L'Arrosee
2005 CH. Coutet
and a few other Bordeaux from other vintages.

After I had packed up about 8 cases, I turned around to see this:

Still more work to do. In total, it took me nearly 3 hours to record, store, tape, and label everything. In the end, I had 10 boxes of wine ready to move.

The move was successful, not too back-breaking. I did all the lifting. 10 times, up and down those stairs. Just can't be too careful. Overwhelmingly, my bottles are French, Bordeaux and Champagne, with a number of Sauternes. But I'm starting to accumulate some nice Niagara wines as well. The one thing I'm going to work on next - German and Niagara Rieslings.

Now, I'm all out of wine. I probably won't touch anything until at least Christmas, at which time I'll hopefully have a job and be able to double the number of bottles I have. I still have the CH. Mouton Rothschild at home, as well as the 1980 and 1981 Kopke Colheita Ports. Looking forward to opening them very soon. Finally, my wines are now able to rest and begin developing their magic.

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  1. some people have walk-in closets for their clothes and shoes.. but for you i think yours will be for wine :)

    am back from my trip, let's do a wine and cheese night soon.