Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Are we alcoholics?

You know the single rationale I've heard the most about why I shouldn't get into wine? The argument that I hear constantly and has been most consistent? That I'll become an alcoholic.

First off, let me say, shut up. Honestly. There's several people who I'll take that kind of criticism from, but most people have this perception of me as some out of control binge drinker. So for those people, don't make judgements on me until you understand exactly what kind of person I am, and what wine really means to me.

It's like someone who's really into collecting stamps. They can spend countless hours and thousands of dollars buying up stamps, and the most people will say about them is, "Oh, they're really dedicated to their hobby. That's great." I spend the same effort on wine and the reaction I get is "David, you're liver is going to rot."

I don't buy that argument. First of all, I appreciate the wine - not the alcohol. Big difference. Alcohol is just a natural part of wine, but I don't derive any pleasure from getting piss drunk. Maybe a little from getting buzzed, but definitely not getting drunk. And come on - alcoholics get drunk off of cheap vodka. If I were going to get drunk off of wine everyday, I'd piss all of my money in 2 weeks.

So don't judge people if you don't really know what they're about. Learn about wine first, and then judge me. I'll tell you right now - the vast majority knows nothing about my hobby. It's like me criticizing a scientific paper. I might hate the guy who wrote it, but the material goes way over my head. What kind of dumbass would take me seriously?

My interest in wine is personal, and no one else's business. I don't go around telling you how you should spend your money or what hobby you should pursue, and I don't appreciate it when I get judged. If wine intimidates you, then stay away. Leave me alone. If I hear this shit again, I swear I'll lose my f*cking mind.

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