Saturday, July 19, 2008

Back from the Finger Lakes

Returned from the Finger Lakes today, one day ahead of schedule. Just wasn't really feeling the area, or the wines. No point in staying another night.

Not that I really dislike the place. It's just - something. It doesn't give me anything to be excited about. The place is like the wines - little to no character.

Drove all day today, about 500 km. Very tired. And to make things worse - we got taxed at customs. For the wine we bought back. A grand total of 2 bottles. TWO f*cking bottles! Unbelievable. Judging by how aggressively the Cdn government goes after its own citizens, they do a pretty f*cking shitty job at stopping actual felonies. I mean, if they went after real crimes like they go after taxing petty purchases, we'd be living in an exceptional country.

Anyways, I'm still hurting over the $28.53 in taxes and fines they made us pay. Will post up some pictures tomorrow. Don't plan on getting up until at least noon.

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