Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Buying large format bottles

All the bottles of wine I purchase are standard, 75 cL bottles, because of space and financial restrictions. I'd really to start looking into larger format bottles, such as magnums (1.5 L), double magnums (3 L), or maybe even bigger. That's because they look impressive, and I do believe that they age better, under the right circumstances of course. Also, if you're looking to buy wine to commemorate a special occasion, I think large bottles are the way to go.

I was thinking this when I got an offer from LCBO to buy large format from Ch. Pontet Canet. This estate is a Cinquièmes Crus, from Pauillac. What was the only thing stopping me? Money, of course. It's always about money.

Definitely, in the future, I'll purchase large bottles. Just waiting for the right occasion, the right price, and of course, the right cellar conditions. And of course, lots of wine loving friends to share it with. After all - is anyone even physically capable of downing a magnum of wine, no matter how good, and still remember what it tastes like?

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