Friday, July 11, 2008


I only drink 2 cocktails - one of them being gin-tonic and the other being a mojito. But then again, every man should drink gin-tonic...that just goes without saying.

But mojitos - I just have a weakness for them. Where did this even start? I think I just heard the name randomly, got a little curious, and ordered it the last time we were in Panorama. Wow, that was a while ago. Going on 2 years.

It was delicious. Clean flavours - the acidity of the lime with the crispness and freshness of the mint balances the drink. Of course, you need a good punch in a cocktail, and the rum does a great job at that. The drink is all about balance and complexity of flavours. Everything just works so well together, accentuating each other, instead of trying to outdo one another.

After much experimentation, over the course of last summer, I think I make the best mojito in the Northern Hemisphere. No lie. Here's what I do.

The Tools:

Use a lot of mint. Just use the leaves, about 12 of them.

In a highball glass.

Add fresh-squeezed lime juice. Must be fresh, I can't stress that enough.


Add a full glass of ice, preferably in tiny cubes.

Add Perrier.

Add simple syrup. It's called 'simple' for a reason - just sugar and water.

Add premium, aged rum - not that cheap shit, not that spiced shit, none of that nonsense.


No straw.

The Masterpiece:

The key is freshness and quality. The lime juice and mint must be fresh. The ice must be distilled water. The syrup must be made with cane sugar. The sparkling water must be spring water.

And the rum has to be premium, oak aged rum. I use 12 years old Nicaraguan rum. To me, the vanilla and the richness from the oak balances it out so wonderfully. This pictures shows a drink I made with Havana Club Anejo Blanco, a white rum. More herbaceous, more of an alcoholic kick to it. But I definitely prefer the aged rum.

As for proportions, that's up to you. If you like lime, use more lime. More sweetness, then add more syrup. I love a strong drink, so instead of 1 ounce of rum, I use 2 1/4 ounces.

Of course, no straw. You don't want people to think you're a pansy, do you?

Too many people go out and drink cheap shit just for the sake of getting drunk. You're putting this stuff into your body - if you're going to get drunk, do it with quality and style.


  1. looks and sounds like a great mojito you made there! =)

  2. i can definitely say this is one of my favourite drinks you've introduced me to. extra mint please!!

  3. lol, this is probably one of the drinks that can get you trashed the fastest!