Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Post No. 101

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This is my One Hundred and First post here. Looking back on my last 100 posts, it's interesting to see how everything's developed, and everything that's happened. Promise to write more regularly. Wrote more in July than I have in any other month, and I want to keep that up.

Again, I know that outside of my group of friends, no one reads this. And even then, I know that there's only a handful of people that regularly come back, so thanks very much for the support. I'm not out to get a large following. This is personal for me - I just feel like it's good for me to keep a written record, to see how my palate develops and things like that.

Has my palate changed since I started writing here? Definitely, yes. I drank a lot more wine in my 4th year in university, which was a big help. Really broadened my experiences. Also, learned a bit more about the industry. Following Bordeaux and other industry news very closely now. And clearly the most important, started going up to Niagara every couple of months, to visit the properties and engage in dialogue with them. This is an exciting new region, producing quality wines, and I want to witness every single step.

So what's up for the next 100 posts? I don't know. Will definitely be talking about Bordeaux futures when the prices come out, and I start making my buy list. Also, planning on drinking a few interesting things later in the year, during the holiday season. Definitely will visit Niagara again sometime in the fall, and visit some new properties. So, a lot of exciting stuff. Thanks for reading, please visit often.

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