Saturday, July 26, 2008

What a boring life

I am so bored. No money, no action, nothing. I'm even running out of wine! I don't know how things can get any worse.

There's no more red wine in the house. Just one more bottle of 2006 Flat Rock Cellars Nadja's Vineyard Riesling, and a 2007 Ch. d'Aqueria, AC Tavel. And a lot of scotch and cognac. And about 1/4 bottle of that port left. Oh my goodness.

Some things to look forward to though. Next LCBO release has some of that Lailey pinot noir that I really love. And also, the Beijing Olympics are starting soon. I'm opening a Champagne to celebrate - a Chapuy Grand Cru Blanc de Blancs.

Anyways, that still doesn't make my life any more exciting. Oh my goodness, this is getting pathetic. I'm going downstairs to have a sandwich.

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