Wednesday, July 23, 2008


I plan on drinking every single bottle of wine in my cellar. Every single bottle. I don't collect - I have neither the finances nor the foolishness to do so. To say you collect wine is such a disrespect. You drink wine, not display it as a showpiece.

Wine loses all its value as soon as you open the cork. It's just an agricultural product, after all. And there will always be another vintage, and another vintage after that. I keep wine to track its aging, and experience it in different stages of its maturation. I don't understand people who explicitly buy wine as an investment. Probably the same kind of prick that introduces themselves by their business school degrees.

Enjoy wine! It's for drinking. I love appreciating the colours, the aromas, the complexities of wine. And sometimes, I just love getting hammered off a good bottle. So stop analyzing it like a stock and stop treating it as such. If that's the way things are heading, with more and more people investing in wine instead of drinking, then we're f*cked.

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