Friday, August 1, 2008

2007 Bordeaux En Primeur

Finally, finally, finally, the 2007 Bordeaux En Primeur campaign has started! Received my catalogue this morning, a full week earlier than I expected. Great way to start the day.

Went through it, was very disappointed to see that a lot of the prices didn't go down as much as I had hoped. If the Bordelais were running an honest business, prices would have gone way down. But what can you do when rich consumers with callow palates are driving up demand? And we're talking about the same consumers who drink for face, not for taste, as Decanter so eloquently puts it.

Researched, filled out the form, and sent it out in an hour. I've been reading a lot about the 2007 vintage, so I had a good idea of what area to go after. White Bordeaux, and Sauternes/Barsac wines. For red, the only wines I'm getting are 2 estates that I'm trying to build a vertical of. I'm a loyal person, what can I say - I know I'm getting ripped off.

We're getting spanked by the French this year. Prices havn't gone down significantly like they should have. But then again, if the quality of the white wines are as good as advertised, then I'll be happy. A lot poorer, but happy.

The List:

2007 Ch. La Lagune, 3e Cru, AC Haut Medoc
2007 Ch. L'Arrosee, GCC, AC St-Emilion
2007 Ch. Carbonnieux Blanc, Cru Classe, AC Pessac-Leognan
2007 Ch. Larrivet Haut-Brion Blanc, AC Pessac-Leognan
2007 Ch. Caillou (37.5 cL), 2e Cru, AC Sauternes
2007 Ch. Carmes de Rieussec (37.5 cL), 2nd wine of Ch. Rieussec, AC Sauternes
2007 Ch. Clos Haut Peyraguey (37.5 cL), 1er Cru, AC Sauternes
2007 Ch. Coutet (37.5 cL), 1er Cru, AC Sauternes
2007 Ch. de Rayne-Vigneau (75 cL), 1er Cru, AC Sauternes
2007 Ch. Guiraud (75 cL), 1er Cru, AC Sauternes

Hopefully, I'll be able to get all of these. Will wait with my fingers crossed until they begin processing this. I still don't understand why LCBO won't pull its head out of its ass and implement a better system to do these orders.

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