Sunday, August 24, 2008

2008 Beijing Olympics

Watched the 2008 Beijing Olympics Closing Ceremonies live today, starting at 8am. Literally didn't sleep all night. And what else can I say - it was magnificent.

What an emotional close to the Olympics. As a country, we've waited so long for this, and we've prepared so hard to make sure it was a success. And what a success it was. Every Chinese person owes all the volunteers, the performers, the Chinese athletes, the organizers...everyone involved in these Games...we owe them so many thanks. They deserve our appreciation, for representing our country with dignity and bringing honour to the Chinese people. Thank you.

Director Zhang YiMou is without a doubt, a legend. London can forget about matching even half of what these Olympics were. That's it - every Olympics from now on goes downhill from here. Beijing has set the standard for the next 100 years.

I came away absolutely f*cking disgusted with Canadian media covering the Games. After watching coverage from both CBC and NBC, there was no doubt that there was a thick layer of bias on the part of the Canadians. You have these broadcasters finding any excuse to criticize China, and try to impose their own views on an entirely different culture, a culture which Canadians have only glimpsed at. Of course, there's also the fifth-rate journalists writing their garbage for the Toronto Star. I always thought journalists were only a step above prostitutes, but now I'm thinking that that's unfair to the sexual service industry. Is there any wonder as to why the CBC will no longer be covering future Olympics Games? Say what you will about the Americans, but at least they have a sense of journalistic integrity, and the importance of providing a balanced, objective viewpoint.

Lots of memorable moments in the Olympics. Yao Ming at the Opening Ceremonies. The Chinese men's gymnastics team. The absolutely adorable Shawn Johnson and beautiful Nastia Liukin. Phelps. The Redeem Team. Liu Xiang. The emotion of seeing the young Chinese women's gymnastics team winning gold. Divers dominating the field. So many great moments, memories that make your heart soar. When you see an athlete work so hard to compete at the Olympics, and finally succeed, it's heartwarming, regardless of what flag is on their uniform.

So what's next? These Games showed what China is capable of, particularly in the face of a catastrophic earthquake, who's aftermath is still far from being resolved. I hope people have gotten a better sense of what my country is like - a country of great hospitality, of wonderful heritage, and a country with great hope for the future. One World, One Dream.

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