Sunday, August 3, 2008

Corona on sale!

Sometimes, especially in the summer, you just want to have a beer. I will say upfront, no bullshit, I have simple tastes with regards to beer. I love lagers as well as pale ales. My favourites? Off the top of my head...Carlsberg, Dos Equis, Corona, Boddingtons, Tsingtao, and all Japanese draft beers - Suntory, Asahi, etc...

The Beer Store is having a sale on 24 packs of Corona, as well as a few others. Time to stock up! I love Corona - probably because it's lighter, more refreshing, and just easier to just gulp down on a hot day.

I'd love to talk to someone who's as into beers as I am into wine. Really interesting to get their perpective. Beers are really misunderstood, because everyone drinks it, without giving a shit about quality. Must really piss beer connoisseurs off.

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