Thursday, August 28, 2008


Tuesday, had a dentist appointment. Moved it ahead more than a month because of....well, just because. I hate the dentist, let's be clear. It's the one place that I really hate visiting. The smell of the anaesthesia, the sound of the drilling, I break out in a cold sweat just thinking about it. Pretty routine checkup, but the hygienist commented that my molars indicate some grinding. And I need to floss more.

I remember a few years ago, the dentist telling me to be careful of erosion in my teeth. He told me to stay away from acidic drinks, like Gatorade, because it was eroding my enamel. That's why I never drink energy drinks anymore - just wine, water, tea, and occasionally some coffee. But it got me thinking of something.

Wine is acidic in nature. Chemically speaking, it's acidic. So what's it doing to your teeth, if you drink a lot of it? And not to mention, your tongue and gums? My neighbour, who's in his mid-seventies commented to me that he's losing his sense of smell and taste. I guess that's why a lot of people comment that as they age, they prefer their wines to be younger and younger. Anything that still doesn't have stiff tannins and acidity doesn't make an impact on their palate anymore.

So the lesson in this....drink a lot of wine while you still have your palate intact. And exercise! It's raining outside right now, but I'm going for a jog.

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