Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The F Word

Lately, I've been watching a show called The F Word. It's a cooking show from the UK featuring Gordon Ramsay. I'm a huge fan - I share a lot of views with him about quality food and quality ingredients. He's so entertaining, from Hell's Kitchen to both versions of Kitchen Nightmares. Of course, he's becoming more and more of a celebrity chef, but for a Scotsman to get so many Michelin stars, you can't help but respect his talent.

This show is fast paced, and so fun to watch. Lots of great food, and I love that he demonstrates how to cook each dish. A segment I also enjoy is him catching his own food, from rabbit, wild boar, or wild salmon. He catches it, guts it, and cooks it. A lot of great dishes that I want to try cooking as soon as they come into season. Clams with angel-hair pasta. Braised rabbit in ragu. An incredible looking fresh apple tart.

I think this type of programming is the way to go. North American channels are so uptight, so fake, so excruciatingly politically correct that there is no entertainment value. What the hell do we have? Fake 'reality' shows? Shows based on attractiveness of the actors that make you hit mute? This is not the way to go. The decision-makers are so self righteous, it's comical that people complain about Chinese censorship. Give the people what they want - shows that are more than pretty people, shows with substance, and shows that at least have a touch of creativity.

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