Tuesday, August 26, 2008


The highest ideal in life and in wine is honesty. Be honest to yourself, to what you are, to where you came from. Cut the shit, because your true self always comes out in the end.

I hate fake wines. I love wines that show a sense of place, and have character. So what if the tannins aren't exactly smooth and polished, and the nose has a few aromas that seem off? A wine's complete array of attributes makes up its character, whether they may be flawed or not. That's what makes a unique wine, and a wine worth remembering.

Getting frustrated with fake people. You'd think with a university education, some people mature and be more comfortable with who they are, but you'd be surprised how insecure some still are. It's not worth it. Be honest about yourself, because no one's a perfect liar.

Does anyone feel hollow after the Olympics? Its like I'm having a hangover. Turning to some wine literature to bring me out of my misery. Reading Neal Rosenthal's illuminating ode to terroir, in his book, Reflections of a Wine Merchant. A wonderful, thought-provoking piece. Now, if only I'd have the opportunity to try some of the wines he mentions...

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