Thursday, August 7, 2008

Great Riesling, at all prices

This past Sunday, I sat out in the backyard with my neighbours, Frances and Annie. Had a long conversation about.....everything. Of course, I brought over a nice bottle of wine - they're heading to Alsace, Rheingau and the Mosel soon, so it was only appropriate that I brought over a riesling. A Niagara. A Flat Rock.
2006 Flat Rock Cellars Nadja's Vineyard Riesling.

This is their high end riesling, single vineyard. Everyone makes a single vineyard wine nowadays, and I think it's just a ploy to charge more. Anyways. I really loved Flat Rock's estate riesling, as I've written about here. Really great value, shows fantastic varietal and regional characteristics. High expectations for this bottle, as it is a bit more expensive but at $20.35, it's really at a great price point.

Nice nose, fresh tropical fruits, honey, spice - not unlike the estate riesling. Same on the palate, with good weight and texture, smooth creaminess but with a racy acidity and a long, subtle, minerally sweet finish. Fantastic, but I just didn't see the need to pay more for this wine, over the $17.35 estate riesling.

After we wrapped up our conversation, I saved about a glass and a half worth to keep for later. It's after you let this wine breathe that it really starts to shine. Begins to show its individuality as well as characteristics of the vineyard.

It develops a yeasty, nutty nose. Beautifully reminiscent of an aged Rheingau riesling, it has such character and spice to it. Nice weight as before, and the finish just lasts forever.

So, next time I go up, will definitely pick up a few more bottles. I'd love to see how well this wine ages. Never let price points affect your judgements on taste and quality. Both Flat Rock's estate and Nadja's riesling are exceptional. Like all good things, they just need a little bit of time to breathe, to reveal their secrets.

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