Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Massive rip-off

Waltzed into BV LCBO today and did a double take. I bought a few bottles of the 2004 Ch. Belle-Vue, AC Haut Medoc a few months ago, when it was released, at $31.70 a bottle. Went on sale today, one of the more massive price drops I've ever seen the LCBO do. This wine now goes for $26. I don't understand...are sales of the 2004 Bordeaux so bad? Because I think it's quite a charming vintage, and really one of my favourites.

Ran into a chatty bunch today. Three people, one male, two female - the guy was trying to impress the girls. He was going from bottle to bottle, reciting scores for each wine. Impressive - he seems to have memorized the entire range of Wine Spectator reviews. What does it matter to you whether a wine is rated 85 or 90 points? The difference doesn't matter if you can't tell the qualities of each wine in your mouth.

I saw TWO brand new BMW X6 on the road today. Far too many rich housewives on Bayview. But what gorgeous cars.

Picked up some condensed milk on the way home. My friend lent me some of those vietnamese filters, the ones you use to brew viet coffee. We still have a half bag of viet coffee beans my parents bought back last time from Hanoi. Had a glass, I think it's quite good, with the condensed milk. Just a pain in the ass to brew and to clean up, but it's quite different and interesting.

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