Sunday, August 24, 2008

Reunions and Gold Medal Finals

Had a great day today. Saw some old friends for the first time in years, had a great dinner and some great 2007 Malivoire Ladybug Rose. Later on Saturday, saw Pris for the first time in 4 months. Lots of reuniting and laughing today. Drank a bottle of Nova Scotian wine - a Marechal Foch, which Pris brought back. Somewhat mediocre, but what can you expect from these hybrids.

If you notice the time, it's 6am. I havn't slept yet. Got home around 2:15 am, just in time to watch the Olympics Men's Basketball Finals. USA vs Spain, an epic matchup. Glad that Jose Calderon didn't play, Raptors don't need him any more injured than he already is.

It was a fantastically entertaining game. Closer than I expected, and a lot more competitive. Not as clean as well, but the stars shined when it mattered the most. Wade was impressive but Kobe was the one that really put the game away. Lots of heart and passion, stuff that we don't see in the NBA regular season.

It's something about playing for your country that brings out that special quality in you. You have loyalty to your NBA team, but only as far as your salary takes you. When you wear your national flag on your chest, that's something entirely different. You compete for pride, for your people - everything but yourself. That's why international competition is so riveting.

One thing that still pisses me off is the absolutely terrible officiating. Terrible. The majority of calls made were inexcusably awful, and just left me confused. And not because viewers don't see the game like the officials do. No, the confusion is due to the refs not understanding what amounts to a violation and what doesn't. There were moments when the refs blew whistles and called for offenses that were totally different from another. At one point, a ref called a foul on Wade, while another ref called a travelling violation. Ridiculous.

Great game overall. The US men definitely deserved it, CB played like a monster. Will remain awake for the live 2008 Beijing Olympics Closing Ceremonies, in roughly 30 min. What a fantastic Olympic Games! One World, One Dream.

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