Friday, August 22, 2008

Semifinals, USA vs Argentina

I just finished watching the Men's Basketball Semi-Finals, USA vs Argentina. Hyped up to be an awesome game, since Argentina's the reigning Olympic Champions, and one of the few squads to beat the Americans.

It was a good game. Expected it to be a blowout after the first quarter, but Argentina came back strong. Didn't appreciate how dirty they play. I got excited when Carmelo got into Oberto's face - I wanted to see them rumble.

Don't get me started on the officiating. Blatant no-calls, phantom fouls called on the Americans. You know which call blows my mind the most? CB was defending Scola, no hand checking at all, using his chest. And somehow, it's counted as a foul. Unbelievable. That's why FIBA Basketball is irrelevant. Fire all the blind mices officiating, and maybe international ball will become respectable.

USA vs Spain, Gold Medal Game on Sunday. I have my pick on USA of course, but I love how Calderon competes and it'll be an epic game.

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