Saturday, August 2, 2008

The soft touch

I know, I'm blogging on a Saturday night. I just came back from a family friend's place, and although I love to see them, it just feels like sometimes I go to these things for my parent's benefit. If you're Chinese, you know what I mean.

Anyways...what does it mean to have a soft touch? People really value it, whether you're a basketball player, a musician, a forklift driver. It's a skill that shows technique, that shows skill, that shows a restraint that's beneficial in the long run, that takes the big picture into account. So what does that mean to my wine experiences?

I love wine that shows restraint. I hate overripe, pruny wines, with incredible amounts of new oak, and with obliterated sense of place. These blockbuster wines are nothing but flash, and have no substance beneath the exterior. A wine with big tits but little charisma and intellect. Excuse me - I've been drinking.

There's so few people that understand that wine is sacred...that the highest ideal it to let the grapes express themselves. That express their origin, their place. So few people really respect the land and mother nature and tradition. So whenever I find a wine that has these precious qualities, I hang on for dear life. A wine with a soft, deft, delicate touch. A wine with class, grace, and substance.

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