Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Undisputed Greatness

Who says white wine can't age? My neighbour, for one, and with this bottle, we can conclusively disprove that myth. LCBO recently released some of the oldest German rieslings I've ever seen, a 1994 Schloss Schonborn, QbA Rheingau. Of course, I had to pick up a few bottles, and I believe I was the first person to buy - the lady opened up the box for me, it was still sitting on the trolley. That's what you get for keeping up with the releases diligently. If only I approached university in the same way...

I know, I'm sorry - another piece on rieslings. I promise it'll be one of the last for a while. Besides, don't have any more wines in the house. Anyways, it was a magnificent wine. Cork was moldy and black - got me worried. But it's so exciting whenever you open a bottle that has more than 10 years of bottle age on it. You really never know what to expect. The colour was lighter than I expected. Such a fragrant wine, holding onto its sugar and acidity, explosive minerality and endless finish. Still so young, which is why I still have a few bottles put away. Undisputably mature, but still holding onto the sweetness of its youth. A glorious wine, which still has many years of life left.

I decanted this bottle. Some people don't decant, some don't believe in it, some decant only reds. I decant everything. And it really helped bring out the wine from its slumber. Brought the wine into focus, and really intensified the minerale. Beautiful.

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