Thursday, September 11, 2008

7 Years

Just realized that its September 11 today. Can't believe its been 7 years already. Listen, to be honest, I have no real connection to it. I don't know anyone who was affected, who was there...but I remember that day vividly. And I have to say, its had a lasting impact on me.

It was the start of a new school year. I had just entered high school - Grade 10 at A.Y. Jackson S.S. We were in French class, I believe either the first or second period of the day. It was probably the first. A teacher runs in, face all red, saying "They blew up the Pentagon." What? I thought it was a bombing, or something like that. The teachers in the staff room were all watching TV, and by lunch, we learned that there were hijackings, and it was a lot more than an attack on the Pentagon.

I remember coming home after school, turning on the news, and just sitting there for 3 hours just dumbfounded. I saw footage of the buildings coming down, and there were just chills running down me. It was spooky and scary and just........chilling to watch. One of the those world-changing moments that you never forget.

I went to New York last year with some buddies. We didn't go to Ground Zero - we were told that it was sectioned off with walls, and there was nothing to see. I hope they complete the new buildings quickly - I'm not a fan of Liebeskind, and certainly not a fan of his monstrosity, the ROM, but I hope the new WTC goes up soon.

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