Friday, September 12, 2008

Oz and James

I've been watching this BBC show called Oz and James's Big Wine Adventure. It's very entertaining, but not a serious wine program. Let me explain why. The premise is.....a wine writer takes a wine novice out on a month-long trip through France to learn wine. Oz is the wine writer, and James is the Top Gear guy who knows nothing about it. They travel through all the major wine regions of France, and James is supposed to have this epiphany about wine in the end.

It's a great idea for a show and all, but at the end of the 5 episodes, I find that it's more for giggles than for anything else. James spends the entire time trying to take the piss out of Oz, while Oz blathers on about really technical wine details that only fellow connoisseurs really care about.

James' attitude towards wine and wine lovers is the prevelant attitude among most wine drinkers. That wine connoisseurs are snobby fools, who waste their time on useless details about wine, instead of actually drinking it. And by drinking wine, James refers to chugging it like there's no tomorrow. He wants you to believe that wine is a simple drink, not worthy of any sort of intellectual effort. He's the type who likes mass-produced, cookie cutter wines, scored on a 100 point scale - and that anyone who thinks otherwise is an effeminate ponce.

In any case, respect to Oz. Spending a month with someone like James would have driven me crazy. People who thrive on ridiculing you and your hobby just aren't worth the effort.

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