Thursday, September 25, 2008

Black Sheep

Visited Featherstone in June, came away impressed with their viticulture methods, but found their wines to be lacking....character. This bottle came up, so had to give it a try. 2007 Featherstone Black Sheep Riesling. There's a cute story about the sheep. Don't know if it contributes to the taste of the wine, but certainly a novel way to tend the vines. I applaud their efforts - they do things the natural way and they really are pioneers.

The wine, let's be honest, was simple. Well-made, but a simple wine. Sharp acidity, which I love. Hides the sweetness so well. For a wine to come out of this vintage to only have 10.5% alc. shows a remarkable restraint on the part of the winemaker, which is just fantastic. Lots of ripe fruit, citrus, bracing structure. Maybe it'll develop with some bottle age, so we'll see again in a year or two.

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