Sunday, September 28, 2008

Cutting hair

Finally, finally, went in to get a haircut today. Super Mario apparently broke his arm, badly, in a freak, drunken accident. Decided to go with someone new, and came away very pleased.

I'll always trust my grooming with a woman. Always. Women just know what they're doing. Not that I didn't like Super Mario - no, I've trusted him with my hair for years now, but it was time to move on. Lina was great, she did what I asked, and I think I've got a new stylist!

Wanted to get my head shaved again. Just in time for my buddy's birthday, same as last year. But decided against it, because, well, looking like a skinhead just isn't professional.

Picked up some wines, very happy about that. Have a funny story to tell about that as well. Cranky sales reps are always entertaining. Geez, just no energy in the house. Just feeling deflated.

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