Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Tonight, received an email from LCBO Vintages. New offer of a Sauternes estate which I've heard a lot about, and which I've also written about, here. Chateau Doisy-Daëne, a deuxieme cru of Sauternes/Barsac in the Classification of 1855.

This is a highly regarded property, making good wines consistently. That's partly why I put in a order for a few lots of their 2007 Bordeaux Futures offer. But this latest offer was just ridiculous - extravagantly ridiculous.

The offer is for bottles of the 2002 L’Extravagant de Doisy-Daëne. L'Extravagant is the estate's super-cuvee, if you will. Exceptionally rare wines, exceptionally well made, and well...............exceptionally expensive. $399 for 37,5 cL. That is, $400 for a half-bottle.

Now, I'm speaking from a position of someone who will never have that kind of money to spend on wine. This estate, while great, is still no d'Yquem. It blows my mind that someone will buy it for consumption. I understand the douches that want to invest and all that - but for a true wine lover and drinker, how do you justify this kind of pricing?

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