Friday, September 26, 2008

Funny uncivility

It's funny how uncivilized people are when they don't know each other. You see it a lot when you take the subway. Especially, especially during rush hour.

Coming back the other day on the subway, saw two old guys go at it. Well, middle-aged at least. This homeless guy was pissing someone off apparently. They got into it, homeless man starts throwing racist insults, and gets the finger in response. He tells him where to stick that finger, then gets off the train with his garbage bag. Unbelievable.

Morning rush hour is the worst. Slavic-looking woman, a big girl, pushes everyone out of her way like a linebacker. She trips on the way out, I think on the subway door. I guess she thought the girl behind her was responsible, so she turns out with this Genghis Khan face and pushes her right in the chest. The crazy things people do to get to work on time...

The funniest, I have to mention, happened last night. During the subway shut-down. We were pulling into Dundas St. I'm staring at this old lady on the platform as the speakers go on about the delay. You should have seen her reaction - no exaggeration, she heard the message, scrunched up her face, and said, literally: What?? F*CK!! She looked like the matronly type, not one to swear at all. I barely held it in, wanted to laugh so was epic.

You know what? I'm done with city living. This is why we should all live in the rural countryside, eat organic, drink biodynamic, and be happy.

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