Sunday, September 14, 2008

Going back

My mother wants me to go to Church with her again. Again, because I havn't gone in years. I suppose, in Junior High and early High School, I was religious enough. And then I got an education.

Whoa, I'm kidding. I apologize, that's a rude thing to say. I'm just saying that religion is not for me. I just don't buy in to the fact that I have to believe in Jesus to be a good person. It takes a lot, to say that you honestly believe in a God that created everything and that God came to Earth and all that......I don't oppose anyone who has the faith, I just don't believe in it myself. Too self-righteous and judgemental at times.

That's why I don't want to go back. I like the people there, my parents do stuff within the Church.......I just don't belong there. So that's my reason.

Which is ironic, because Old World winemakers always talk about this bond between man and earth. As if there IS some kind of higher power regulating everything. But I have to say - tasting good wine is a heavenly experience.

I'm not a believer of fate. We make our own fortunes in this world through our own choices. How about that for a philosophy.

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