Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Japanese Green Tea

I bought some green tea back from Tokyo. Japanese tea is very different from Chinese tea. I love Chinese green tea, from the Southeastern provinces. Lots of flavour, focus and density to the teas. Japanese green tea, on the other hand, is much lighter. Has more of a dusty texture to it, and a brininess you don't find in Chinese teas. I suppose being surrounded by salt water has something to do with that.

You brew the teas differently as well. Chinese teas need clay teapots, simple as that. Don't bother brewing it in anything else. Clay imparts that delicate flavour, and smooths out any astingencies from the stalks, while also retaining heat and keeping out oxygen. With Japanese tea, you use filters and do a double pour - pour hot water through the tea, then pour the tea a second time through the filter into your teacup. It intensifies the flavours, as well as make the tea really green. Delicious - nutty and briny, with a stiff structure, what I suppose to be the 'tannins' of the tea.

Seeing all those bottles of sweetened tea drinks in supermarkets is what really upsets me. That is not tea! It's simply powdered mixture, with a lot of sugar and colouring. Artificial in every sense of the word. Don't tell me you know what tea is, when all you drink is that bottled shit. Buy some loose tea leaves, and start drinking the real stuff.

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