Thursday, September 11, 2008

Les Taillepieds

I talked a bit about Hubert de Montille, a very interesting figure in Burgundy. Got me interested, and I searched LCBO for his wines. I was most intrigued with his Premier Cru wine he makes in Volnay, from a site called Les Taillepieds.

Burgundy is the ultimate expression of terroir. A few feet of difference can mean a monumental change in taste and character of the wines, and with that, an enormous difference in price. Monsieur de Montille owns a Premier Cru vineyard called Les Taillepieds, which is featured in Mondovino. LCBO has a single vintage - 2001 - which it sells for $104.15. Not cheap, but that is the price of greatness.

Burgundy is definitely one of the areas that I'd like to begin exploring. Intimidatingly complex, but in my opinion, no other wine experience is more rewarding than Burgundundian wines. The purity, the savoury quality of the wines, the depth of the wines..........there really is no equal.

I'm not familiar with Italian wines. With Barolo, Barbresco, Barbera, Brunello.......hey.......never noticed they were all B's. I, however, do love sangiovese dearly, so Brunello is definitely where I'll start. My confidence in Chianti is shaken, and I find SuperTuscans incredibly vulgar.

Some things to look forward to...such as the LCBO release beginning tomorrow. Actually, they start arriving today in the afternoon, but it doesn't fully arrive until Friday. Will pick up some things, probably for next summer's drinking though.

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