Thursday, September 25, 2008

Money money money

You know anyone that's so fixated with money, that everything that comes out of their mouth degenerates into those terms? Whether they're talking about food, the economy, always ends up with a mention of money. Let me give you a solid example, because I'm not making any sense.

Recently, we went out to dinner with a family friend. This is a friend who's wine knowledge and collection I admire very much. We were talking about the Languedoc, and then another dinner companion butts in. He says to my friend, "Yes, but it costs so much money! Do you know how much money he's spent on wine?" Totally inappropriate, totally ignorant, and totally pissed me off.

I don't understand the fascination with how much things cost. I love wine. I intend on drinking every bottle I own. Certainly, I won't take out a loan so I can buy a case of Ch. Haut Brion; I buy within my limits, and the monetary value of the wine I own gives me no pleasure. No pleasure at all. Pleasure in wine is only derived when you pull the cork, cook a good meal, and drink it in good company.

What are you trying to prove? When you tell someone you bought something new, and oh btw, it costs $500. What the f*ck are you trying to say? That you're able to afford it? That you have good taste? All this nonsense just reeks of poor class. It dumbs everything down to a tangible figure, that really has no meaning at all.

I love the response my friend gave. He said, "Perhaps, but cheap goods hardly correspond with quality and quality is expensive." Take that. I swear I will lose my f*cking mind if I ever hear that money nonsense again.

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