Friday, September 5, 2008

New things

Dropped by the LCBO today, for my regular biweekly pick up of the Releases Catalogue. Flipped through it, and was very intrigued. Spotlight on Ontario wines, which as you know, is close to my heart. Really interested in organizing a wine trip to Lake Erie and Prince Edward County soon, two places that I've never visited and tasted.

Also, there's a lot of Alsace and Mosel wines on release. If it wasn't for......current financial situations, there'd be no doubt that I'd begin stocking up for next summer's wine drinking list. Also, some interesting sherries, madeiras and ports.

You know, for someone who seems to always be either drinking or talking about wine, there's a shocking amount of things that I've never tried yet. So, here's to going for new experiences and always keeping an open mind.

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