Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Ooo, it's cold isn't it? Beautiful outside, clear skies, but that chilliness in the air. Lovely weather though.

Talking about Mondovino, it really raises some interesting issues. Most importantly, how the globalization of the wine market and wine production is robbing wine of......its essence, its uniquess, almost its soul. I agree with that completely. Let me tell you why.

I recently tasted Yellow Tail Cabernet Sauvignon, 2006. Lots of prejudice against Yellow Tail, but the wine was decent. Lots of flavour - big fruit, smoky oak, mocha....but it gets you thinking. How can such a young wine possibly have these secondary layers of flavour, beyond its fruit? Impossible, without human manipulation.

And that's what pisses me off. People don't drink aged, mature wines anymore. No one learns about wine the proper way, in the way where drinking left bank claret before its 10th birthday was sacrilege. Everyone's impatient, so what do you expect winemakers to do but to mimic the effects of aging in a product designed to be drunk NOW.

It's cheating, it's a theft, it's.......not wine. Everyone's looking for a perfect wine, with lots of fruit, rich texture, oaky flavours. But no one understands that there is no such thing as a perfect wine. I'd very much have a unique wine, with a sense of place, instead of a 'flawless' wine. Is that too much to ask? Give me a lean, vegetal Chinon anyday over that overoaked nonsense masquarading as wine.

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